I am Balasubramanian working as a Marine Engineer. When i wanted to invest i came to know about Classic Associates and i have gone through their track records and their reputation and invested in their project Eden Garden near Rakkiyapalayam, Tirupur.
It is a gated community residential project, they have done UG Cabling for EB and Street lights and also the drainage is totally closed and good greenary over there.Construction is good quality and i am satisfied.
I have invested in one more project eden park it is still under progress and i am satisfied with that also and I came to know about their other project which is in OOty EDEN VALLEY.
I had a dream of buying a house in Ooty and going for summer vacation and throughout the year also when ever i get free time. I came to know about that (EDEN VALLEY) and immediately booked one plot for me. The area is 10kms from ooty totally polution free and good greenary, fresh air and good water resource is there.
It is very near to lawrance school and we can have an option of renting it out for the parents who are coming everymonth for visiting their children.
It is the FIRST GATED COMMUNITY project in OOty with around the clock (24 hrs security), good water source, park and other things are available.
The main thing is it is totally approved by all the three departments like Departments of Geology and Mining, Agricultural Engineering and Forests and i am very staisfied with that.
I am going to start my dream house (construction) over there.I wish them all success. I will invest in the future projects as well. Thankyou.